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NaturalezaPlaced at the southeast of Extremadura and with more than 3.000 km², is today one of the best conservated sites in the Iberic Peninsula. Its resources richness and diversity are such that can be considered one of the most important fauna ecosystems in Europe, containing three special protection zones for birds (Orellana reservoir, Sierra de la Moraleja and La Serena-Sierra de Tiros) and many other places of community interest (LIC)inside Natura Net 2000.

An almost untouched environment thanks to its rational use will surprise us with an endless colourful landscape, fragrant sites and singing birds that turn La Serena into a Paradise for every nature lover. Four biotypes compose this land full of power and wonder: Sierras, Pasture lands, Humid soils and Steppe zone.

NaturalezaPassing time has built up these people character and has left its track in monuments and buildings that appear today with a new strength talking us about past glories and failures, fate and conquests that become present as we approach them.

Tartessians, romans, arabs, castilians... all of them have left their mark in this land and have made possible for us to go into the secrets of "La Serena" through the legacy of its megalithic monuments, shelters of rupestrian paintings, sanctuaries, thermae, castles, cisterns, palaces, hermitages, etc...

In La Serena Museums net you will discover flavours and country arts like virgin olive oil of Monterrubio de la Serena, nougat in Castuera and granite in Quintana de La Serena; you will live national touristical interest feasts like the Octava of Corpus in Peñalsordo and other old celebrations like the Aurorós in Zarza Capilla; let yourself go into the ancient mysteries at the interpretational center of Cancho Roano in Zalamea de La Serena or at the Hijovejo one in Quintana de La Serena.

NaturalezaIn La Serena you will enjoy a lot of activities. La Serena is a region with more than 200 kmts of inner coasts where you can practice any type of water sports like sailing, piragua, surf or sport fishing and swimming in natural beaches.

A wide net of itineraries and routes cross our region from north to south and east to west: Mozarabic way of Santiago, GR 115 and a wide net of local paths (SL) and short trips(PR).

Traditional feasts declared of regional touristical interest like the Romería of Piedraescrita, patron of La Serena, “la Octava del Corpus” or the popular performance of the famous play of Calderón “El alcalde de Zalamea” along with a rich cultural offer that complete the interesting supply for spare time in La Serena.

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